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The EAPS Award for Population Studies

This Award honors groundbreaking original contributions to the study of population with far reaching implications for our discipline and our understanding of population dynamics and their consequences. Unique innovative insights such as expressed in a single or several publications, as well as work which spans a longer period can be nominated for the EAPS Award for Population Studies, as can exceptional life time achievements.

Nominations for the EAPS Award can be made at any time throughout the year. The one strict deadline is that nominations should be made at least two months before an upcoming European Population Conference. The next European Population Conference is EPC 2018 which will convene in Brussels, 6-9 June 2018. This means that the 2018 deadline for this Award is 1 April 2018!

Rules of Play for the EAPS Award for Population Studies

  • There are no specific age, career or other criteria for nominees, but candidates should be members of EAPS.
  • Candidates should be nominated by at least five peers who are members of EAPS and who are residing in at least three different countries. The Jury may also invite nominations.
  • Nominations should include a short (maximum one page) explanatory statement by the nominators including the acceptance of the nominee, as well as a curriculum vitae of the nominee.
  • Nominations should be sent to EAPS and will be treated as confidential.
  • Nominations should be received by EAPS at least two months before a European Population Conference takes place.
  • The Award is presented at each European Population Conference which is organized every two years.
  • Laureates are expected to receive the Award at the Award ceremony during the Closing session of the European Population Conference.
  • The EAPS Award for Population Studies brings a Euro 1000 cash benefit and a certificate.
  • The Council of EAPS is the Jury for the EAPS Award for Population Studies.


2016: Wolfgang Lutz

2014: Frans J. Willekens