Article 3: Elections and Nominations of Officers and Members of the Council

3.1 The Council and Officers of the Association shall be elected by the members of the Association.

3.2 The General Assembly shall elect a Nominating Committee consisting of five members of the Association, to hold office until the General Assembly following. The Executive Director shall act as clerk to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall put forward a slate of candidates for the elections.

3.3 The slate of candidates will be the following: for the post of Vice-President at least two candidates; for the post of Secretary-General/Treasurer at least two candidates; for the posts of ordinary member at least four and at most 6 candidates.

3.4 The Nominating Committee shall also put forward a candidate for the post of Chair of the Advisory Board.

3.5 The Nominating Committee shall inform the Council of the names put forward not later than three months before the beginning of the elections. The Council shall as soon as possible thereafter,but at least two months before the beginning of the elections, communicate the proposed names to the members of the Association.

3.6 Any five members of the Association may submit additional nominations to the Council in writing, with the written consent of the nominee. Such nominations must be received not later than one month before the beginning of the elections.

3.7 The elections shall be conducted by secret ballot. A ballot shall be sent to the members by any secure communication means, including via the internet and by email. To be counted, duly filled ballot forms must be submitted before a deadline which is specified on the ballot form.