Article 4: Finance

4.1 The Secretary-General/Treasurer shall administer the financial affairs of the Association, subject to direction by the Council.

4.2 The Executive Director shall keep the accounts of the Association and is responsible for the day-to-day execution of Council decisions.

4.3 Members who have not paid their dues for two successive years without being excused by the Council shall be considered as having resigned. They may be re-instated provided they have paid their dues for the years of unpaid membership.

4.4 Only members in good standing, having paid all their dues, will be entitled to the benefits of membership such as reduced registration at EAPS activities.

4.5 The General Assembly shall appoint two members as Auditors to examine the books, vouchers and accounts of the Association, who shall satisfy themselves that these have been properly kept. They shall make a report to the Secretary-General/Treasurer and this report shall be submitted to the next General Assembly. The Auditors shall hold office until the next General Assembly.