Establishing EAPS in 1983

(Excerpt of a Memorandum on the origins of EAPS)

Establishing the European Association for Population Studies in 1983
Memorandum by Dirk van de Kaa, Honorary President

March 21, 2011

1. The European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) was established formally on March 31, 1983. Most individuals involved will have retired by now and/or may already have passed away. Soon the origins of the organization will become remote, hazy history. I feel an obligation to put on record the contribution a large number of European demographers
made to the founding of the EAPS before I have forgotten all the details or can no longer retrace the precise sequence of events.
2. As a European demographic association the EAPS was preceded by the European Centre for Population Studies (ECPS), a scientific organisation set up in Paris in 1953. After 1969 it had its headquarters in The Hague and functioned there according to statutes last amended, I believe, on
October 21, 1968.
3. Erland Hofsten (Sweden) was the last President and Gùˆnther Otto Kurt Beyer the last functioning Secretary General/Treasurer of the ECPS.

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