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Migrant and Minority Fertility in Europe

There is an ongoing discussion on the demographic consequences of migration to Europe and between European countries. The debate is not only related to migration and its impact on population development itself, but also to the processes of family formation and fertility of migrants and their descendants, as well as minority groups.

The EAPS Working Group Migrant and Minority Fertility in Europe brings together researchers who address these topics under different perspectives:

  • To discuss the applicability of different demographic approaches: e.g. tempo vs quantum, period vs cohort to migrant fertility.
  • To assess to what extent national and international data sources can be used for comparative analyses and to overcome problems related to different sampling criteria, definitions of migrants etc. 
  • To test traditional hypotheses of migrant and minority fertility within the current European context.
  • To develop a comprehensive picture of the results from various research perspectives on migrant and minority fertility, such as the comparison between several migrant groups at one destination, a migrant group from one sending country at different destinations, emigrants from one sending country to stayers in the country of origin.
  • Studying the impact of meso and macro-level discontinuities such as regional disparities on the labour market or economic crises, on family formation of migrants and minorities.
  • To explore the relationship between other aspects of family dynamics, such as partnership formation, and fertility.
  • To carry out comparative analyses between migrant generations in order to understand the patterns, causes and consequences of intergenerational change.


The activities of the group are coordinated by a Steering Committee committed to the WG for a minimum duration of three years: Nadja Milewski, Eleonora Mussino and Elisabeth Kraus.

All members may join the Working Group and participate in its events. Joining the group's events usually is free of charge while participants are expected to cover their own travel and related costs. The Working Group is facilitated by EAPS through a modest operating budget. 

Steering Committee

  • Nadja Milewski
    Steering Group
  • Eleonora Mussino
    Steering Group
  • Elisabeth Kraus
    Steering Group


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Special Issue published

The Special Issue "New aspects on migrant populations in Europe: Norms, attitudes, and intentions in fertility and family planning" (edited by Nadj


Children in Migrant or Ethnic Minorities

Call for papers for the international conference Children in Migrant or Ethnic Minorities: Demographic and Social Processes in a Comparative Perspe

Recent Publications

Publications by members of the Working Group:


Busetta, A., Mendola, D., Wilson, B. & Cetorelli, V. (2019). Measuring vulnerability of asylum seekers and refugees in Italy. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (online first).

Kraus, Elisabeth (2019): “Family formation trajectories across borders: A sequence analysis approach to Senegalese migrants in Europe”. Advances in Life Course Research, (online first).

Kulu, H., Milewski, N., Hannemann, T., & Mikolai, J. (2019). A decade of life-course research on fertility of immigrants and their descendants in Europe. Demographic Research, 40(46), 1345-1374. doi: 10.4054/DemRes.2019.40.46.

Mussino, E., Miranda, V., & Ma, L. (2019). Sex composition of children born and transition to third birth among immigrants in Sweden. Journal of Population Research, 36, 81–109,

Wallace, M. & Wilson, B. (2019). The search for selection: Comparing migrant mortality versus origin. Population and Development Review, forthcoming.

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