Working Group

Reproductive Health in Developing Countries (completed)

Information provided by Zoë Matthews (chair)

  • The WG had its first meeting in january 2003 (see below for notes of the meeting) and the second was expected to take place during the European Population Conference in Warsaw, but had to be postponed until later in fall 2003. Then a meeting was planned where several European institutes of demography outline their discipline’s unique approach to Reproductive Health illustrated with examples of their work.
  • Coinciding with the first WG meeting, a large meeting was organised by members of the Working Group on’Demography, Health and Social Policy’ of which a large proportion was concerned with Reproductive Health in Developing Countries. This meeting was co-funded by the British Council, the Netherlands Science Foundation, the Universities of Southampton (UK) and Groningen (NL), and the ‘Opportunities and Choices’ Reproductive Health Research Group and was held at Southampton University in January 2003. As part of this meeting, a large public lecture was given by professor Ian Diamond, Chief Executive of the UK Economic and Social Research Council on ‘Social Science Approaches to International Reproductive Health Research’. This lecture was the first public lecture organised by the Working Group, and was an inaugural session for the group.
  • The Working Group planned to organize a session at the 2005 International Population Conference of the IUSSP in Tours, but this was not successful.
  • Stimulated by the Working Group, the topic of Reproductive Health was included in the scientific program of the European Population Conferences of EAPS.

The Working Group stopped its activities in 2005.