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Morbidity and Mortality Registration of Chronic Diseases

This workshop was organised by the Benelux Group on Mortality, under the auspices of EAPS. The international comparability of statistical and registration data and possibilities for mortality research were the main focus of this workshop. A selection of the papers was published in the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Sociale Gezond heidzorg (Journal of Social Health Care). The proceedings were published by the Jan van Reek and Dion Veys (eds) (1986), Proceedings Workshop on morbidity and mortality registration of chronic diseases. Maastricht : University of Maastricht, 1986. 131 pp.

Female Labour Market Behaviour and Fertility

This workshop was organized by the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), in collaboration with the Economic Institute-Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Labourmarket and Distribution Issues CIAV at Utrecht University, under the auspices of EAPS. The proceedings of this workshop were published in: Jacques J. Siegers, Jenny de Jong Gierveld and Evert van Imhoff (eds.) (1991), Female labour market behaviour and fertility: a rational-choice approach. Berlin etc.: Springer, 301 pp. ISBN 3-540-53896-8.

Late Fertility and Child Development

At the previous meeting of the Working Group on Late Fertility and its Implications that was held in Paris in collaboration with INED-INSERM, the group examined the possible effects of late parenthood on risks of failure to conceive, for pregnancy outcome, and for the foetus and the newborn. A revised version of the papers has been published as a special issue of the journal Epidemiology and Public Health.


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