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Female Labour Market Behaviour and Fertility

This workshop was organized by the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), in collaboration with the Economic Institute-Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Labourmarket and Distribution Issues CIAV at Utrecht University, under the auspices of EAPS. The proceedings of this workshop were published in: Jacques J. Siegers, Jenny de Jong Gierveld and Evert van Imhoff (eds.) (1991), Female labour market behaviour and fertility: a rational-choice approach. Berlin etc.: Springer, 301 pp. ISBN 3-540-53896-8.

Demographic and social change

The Working Group organizes a workshop on Demographic and social change; implications for support and well-being of older people in Europe. Date: 1 – 3 September 2004, at INED Headquarter, Paris. The conference organization will cover travel costs and accommodation for the invited speakers and European Chairs and Discussants (although we hope some may be able to meet their own costs).

Social Conditions of Health and Longevity

The Working Group organizes a workshop on The Social Conditions of Health and Longevity. Date: 2 – 5 September 2004, at Hotel Prostor, Mount Vitosha, near Sofia, Bulgaria. The Registration fee will be € 100,– including accommodation, full board and transportation to and from Sofia.

Patterns of morbidity and mortality by cause of death as a reflection of social-inequality

Submitted papers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Jon Anson (Beer Sheva), “Cause of death clusters: Can they make social sense?” (
  2. Emmanuelle Cambois, (Paris), “Social differentials regarding disability and associated mortality risk” (
  3. Patrick Carroll (London), “The Reverse Class Gradient in Female Breast Cancer” (

The Anthropological Demography of Europe: state of the art and perspectives

Anthropological demography asks how population processes and socio-cultural practices affect each other. Demographic models that do not acknowledge the importance of the cultural embedding of behaviour tend to reduce cultural meanings and practices to a list of traits that are added to standard institutional and individual background characteristics. In this representation of culture, behaviour is guided by a system of discrete rules and beliefs into which individuals have been socialised.

Individual, area and group variation in morbidity and mortality

On behalf of the The European Association for Population Studies Working Group on Mortality and Morbidity, and the local organising committee in Rome, we are pleased to announce a workshop on “Individual, area and group variation in morbidity and mortality”, to be held Monday 17th September – Wednesday 19th September 2007. The workshop is being organised by the Dipartimento di Scienze Demografiche of the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” and IRPPS-CNR (the Italian Research Institute on Population and Social Policy of the National Research Council) and will be hosted by IRPPS.


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