Call for EAPS Activities

At its first and kick-off meeting, the current Council of EAPS was happy to see that EAPS is in a very good shape, with a host of successful activities such as the flagship European Population Conference, the flourishing European Journal of Population and the vibrant European Doctoral School of Demography, not to forget the leading international population network Population Europe as well as the lively EAPS Working Group Health, Morbidity and Mortality.

As most of these activities have a more or less permanent character and a generic scope, the Council considered that there is room for a limited number of specific and focused new activities to enrich the scientific program of EAPS and to involve more members, more actively in EAPS. 

All members are invited to propose new activities to be considered by the Council.

There is no preferred format for these activities, and proposals can take any shape, such as a working group, a research network, a trailblazing workshop (at EPC or elsewhere) or other. All activities will have a specific mandate (term) and focus to be jointly decided by the EAPS Council and the initiators. Activities will regularly be reviewed by the Council and reported at the General Assembly. EAPS facilities (website and mailing) will be made available for these activities, and the Council will also consider to provide some financial support. It should be kept in mind however that this financial support will always be limited and will never fully cover the cost of an activity (seed money). Institutional backing of the new initiatives including sponsoring and/or hosting of events and activities, either by EAPS Affiliated Institutions or other institutions, is strongly recommended also with a view to sustainability. 

Proposals for new activities (a one page description indicating objective, scope, title, membership etc.) should be sent to the Executive Director of EAPS Nico van Nimwegen (; and will be considered by the Council on a rolling basis.