EAPS General Assembly 2016


The 15the EAPS General Assembly did convene during the European Population Conference 2016 in Mainz, Germany on Thursday 1 September, in Room P1, from 17.30 - 19.00 hrs.


1.    Opening of the 15th General Assembly of EAPS
Opening and welcome by EAPS President Francesco Billari.

2.    Report on EAPS activities   
Report by Secretary-General and Treasurer Marc Luy. Comments of financial Auditors Ernestina Coast and Trude Lappegard are integrated in this report.

3.    Appointment of new Auditors (2016-2018)
The General Assembly is invited to appoint two members as Auditors to examine the financial records of EAPS (Article 4 of the By-Laws);
The Council nominates Ernestina Coast and Trude Lappegard for another term as Auditors to hold office until the 2018 General Assembly.

4.    Election of a new Nominating Committee (2016-2018)
The General Assembly is invited to elect a new Nominating Committee consisting of 5 members. The Committee shall put forward a slate of candidates for the 2018 elections.
Candidates to serve on this Committee are invited.   

5.    Activities under the auspices of EAPS
Reports on progress of several EAPS activities:
- European Doctoral School of Demography (EDSD), by Alessandra de  Rose
- Working Group Health, Morbidity and Mortality, by Jon Anson
- European Journal of Population (EJP), by Helga de Valk

6.    Statement on behalf of the EAPS Advisory Board

7.    General Discussion   
Open discussion from the floor  where members are invited to share their views on any issue they wish to raise.

8.    Transfer from the old to the new Council
The new Council was elected by electronic ballot in June 2016 and will hold office for a term of 2 years. The new Council is composed as follows: Zsolt Spéder (President), Jane Falkingham (Vice-President/President elect), Hill Kulu (Secretary-General and Treasurer), Tomas Sobotka and Helga de Valk (Members).

9.    Venue of the next European Population Conference
Presentation of the venue of the European Population Conference 2018
10.    Any other business

11.    Closing of the 15th General Assembly
    Closing by the new EAPS President, Zsolt Spéder.