European Population Conference 2020 Cancelled!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council of EAPS and the Italian organizers had to decide that it will not be possible to hold the European Population Conference 2020 at the planned dates this June. We very much regret that we have to cancel EPC 2020, but the health and safety of our members and conference participants remain our highest priority. Taking into account that the current situation with the pandemic is still very volatile and the outlook for the near future remains very uncertain, the Council also had to decide that, unfortunately, it will not be possible to postpone EPC 2020 to a later date.
The resulting long interval between the European Population Conferences of 2018 and 2022 may especially impact our early career colleagues. In an effort to mitigate the impact of cancelling EPC 2020 for them, the EAPS Council is currently exploring options to organize a small scale conference targeted at early career scholars (PhD and Postdocs) in the Spring of 2021. We will inform you as soon as possible about this and any other options.
We realize that cancelling EPC 2020 has major impacts, including financial ones. In this regard the Council took the following decisions:
•    Registration Fees: EAPS will fully refund all registration fees. Registration fees may also be converted in a donation to EAPS to help cover the costs of cancelling the EPC. All registered participants will be contacted by EAPS about refunding procedures. Note that fees for conference exhibitors will also be refunded in full. EAPS Membership fees are not refundable.

To request a refund or make a donation, please use the form that you will find below.

•    Accommodation and Travel: If you have already made travel and hotel arrangements, please contact the respective providers as soon as possible to cancel your reservations. We regret that EAPS will not be able to help you here.
•    Side Meetings: All side meetings are cancelled as well; organizers of side meetings are requested to inform their participants themselves and arrange for any alternative options if they so wish.
•    Awards Program: the various Awards of EAPS are usually presented during the EPC; the Awards program continues but deadlines have been extended to 1 August 2020 and alternative ways to present the Awards are being explored.    
Of course we are all very disappointed about cancelling our EAPS flagship conference for the first time in our history, but we trust that you will understand that this was unavoidable under the current exceptional circumstances.

The Council is very grateful to everybody who worked very hard over the past year or more for EPC 2020. We especially wish to thank our scientific community for sharing their research by submitting so many great abstracts, our Conveners who did a marvelous job drafting an exciting session program, the University of Padova and the Department of Statistical  Sciences that helped to build the Conference, our Italian colleagues in the local organizing team and Sistema Congressi for their enthusiastic and unrelenting efforts to make EPC a reality, our conference software company colleagues at Asyst for running a smooth and efficient process, and last but not least our dedicated EAPS secretariat.
These are difficult times for all and we hope that you will stay safe.
We look forward to seeing you at a next European Population Conference or other EAPS event, and will keep you informed.
On behalf of the EAPS Council,
Nico van Nimwegen, Executive Director