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Populations agées et révolution grise (Chaire Quételet 1986)

This seminar was organised by the Institute of Demography of the Catholic University of Louvain under the auspices of EAPS. Participants from various disciplines discussed several aspects of aging, such as biological, psychological, demographic, economic and social, and its socio-economic and cultural consequences. The proceedings of this seminar were published in: Michel Loriaux et al. (eds.) (1990), Populations âgées et révolution grise: les hommes face à leurs vieillissements. Actes du Colloque Chaire Quetelet ‘86 . S.l.: CIACO, 1118 pp. ISBN 2-87085-211-8.

Sunday, October 5, 1986 to Wednesday, October 8, 1986
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