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International Seminar

Postponement of childbearing in Europe

Much of the fertility decline observed across Europe over the last few decades has been attributed to postponement of childbearing to later ages. Many open questions remain: How exactly should postponement be defined and measured? What is its effect on fertility levels? How does it interact with other life course events? What are its bio-medical and socio-economic dimensions? And finally, what are the consequences and should governments intervene with adequate policies?

Late Fertility and Child Development

At the previous meeting of the Working Group on Late Fertility and its Implications that was held in Paris in collaboration with INED-INSERM, the group examined the possible effects of late parenthood on risks of failure to conceive, for pregnancy outcome, and for the foetus and the newborn. A revised version of the papers has been published as a special issue of the journal Epidemiology and Public Health.

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