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Mortality and Healthcare Systems in Developed Countries

This workshop was organized under the auspices of EAPS by the Demographic Coordination Council and the Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Social Medicine Society at the Bulgarian Academy of Medicine, and the Bulgarian Central Board of Statistics. Eleven sessions dealt with such topics as mortality trends in developed countries, differential mortality, child mortality, psycho-sociological aspects, health services, modelling and forecasting. A summary report was published in the EAPS newsletter (1991, 2).

Social Conditions of Health and Longevity

The Working Group organizes a workshop on The Social Conditions of Health and Longevity. Date: 2 – 5 September 2004, at Hotel Prostor, Mount Vitosha, near Sofia, Bulgaria. The Registration fee will be € 100,– including accommodation, full board and transportation to and from Sofia.

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