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Student Testimonials

Momoko Nishikido

EDSD Cohort 2019-2020

Center for Demographic Studies, Barcelona

"Initially, the EDSD attracted me because it seemed like the perfect one-stop shop for all things demography. Receiving lectures from many top scholars in the field, and moreover, getting the opportunity to network with them, is a real treat for any demographer!

In the 11 months, you are not only exposed to the vital themes of demography and the more recent developments in the field, but are also taught the methodological aspects alongside it – all of which you will have in your toolkit ready to use as necessary in the future. I believe the EDSD has truly created the ideal environment for early researchers to develop a solid foundation in demography.

My favorite part of the programme was going through all the good and the bad with my fellow EDSDers – a diverse group of brilliant, young demographers that also happen to be the best people in the world. Since we are now spread all across Europe, I cannot wait to be able to travel to conferences again and see their friendly faces, visit their sessions/posters, and just catch up. Through the EDSD, I have not only been able to establish myself as an aspiring demographer, but was also able to create a network of peers who will be the future faces of demography."

Özer Bakar

EDSD Cohort 2020-2021

Hacettepe University, Turkey

"When I first heard about the European Doctoral School of Demography, I got very excited and I believed that it will help me widen my theoretical background in mathematical and statistical demography. My biggest motivation to attend to program was to find out what I really want to study in my PhD. After completing the EDSD successfully, I was certain that I would continue my research in mortality forecasting.

EDSD was quite an intense program and it is challenging as well. Owing to the tight schedule of education, it helped me develop my restricted knowledge about demography and gave me the chance to possess the highest level of proficiency in all fields of demography.

EDSD is a program that hosts promising intelligent students. Besides, I consider the intercultural experience as a very important component of self-improvement and in this sense, I benefited from the atmosphere of the EDSD. Also, studying with brilliant students who came from different academic backgrounds broadened my perspective on the field of research I’m interested in.

Last but not least, the EDSD is the best environment where you can benefit from to reach your goals! Even before finishing the program, I got offered a research assistant and possible PhD position from CPop – Denmark which is, I believe, one of the most prominent Population Institutes in the world. Now I’m looking forward to joining to the team of brilliant researchers there."