Below you will find the schedule of the core courses at CED in Barcelona. There are also four prepatory courses at the MPIDR in Rostock.

Week Period Course Content Lecturer Affilation
16 Mar. 13-17, 2023 Mathematical Demography Matrix Models and Stable Population Theory Hal Caswell University of Amsterdam
19 Apr. 17-21, 2023 Mathematical Demography Decomposition Techniques José Manuel Aburto Nuffield College, University of Oxford
23 May. 15-19, 2023 Mathematical Demography Mortality disturbances: Age-Period-Cohort modeling and visualization Enrique Acosta Center for Demographic Studies (CED)
24 May. 22-26, 2023 Mathematical Demography Heterogeneous Populations Trifon I. Missov Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics (SDU)
28 Jun. 19-23, 2023 Mathematical Demography Alternative Measures Vladimir Canudas-Romo Australian National University