Child and Adolescent Development

How do child and adolescent development affect later life outcomes in diverse populations in Europe?

How is child and adolescent development integrated in population studies?

There is a booming research interest in infant development, and population scholars show a growing interest in this topic. This is fostered by both empirical and theoretical innovations in the frontiers between different disciplines traditionally interested in childhood and adolescence.

The aim of this group is to foster research on child and adolescent development from a demographic perspective, while also stimulating interdisciplinary collaboration on the topic. It also aims at promoting the use of existing sources of data produced by demographers and non-demographers conducting empirical research in this field, and upscaling the contributions of demography vis à vis the research agenda of scholars actively contributing to the field from neighboring disciplines.

This working group organizes online seminars every 2 to 3 months, in which for example the availability and use of innovative data sources for children and adolescents in demographic research, such as admin data or longitudinal datasets, are discussed. Also, this group is actively collaborating with Population Europe and working group members participate in policy advice meetings.

Call for Papers

Workshop Families’ resilience and well-being of children and youth

This workshop provides an opportunity for research discussions and exchange between scholars across sociology, population studies and cognate fields to present their work on families’ resilience to societal challenges such as growing labour market instability, economic inequality and digital transformations, with a specific focus on ensuring well-being among children and youth. The workshop intends to be a first exchange for future scientific collaborations such as special issues and international research projects.

The workshop will be held during the afternoon on May 23, 2023 as a side meeting to RC28 Spring Meeting 2023 at the Centre for Research on Social Inequalities in Paris. We welcome submissions that can contribute to answering questions such as:

(1) How do families respond to growing labour markets’ instability and increasing economic inequalities? What types of resources are mobilised or re-allocated by families to ensure well-being of children and youth? What challenges and trade-offs need to be tackled in this process?

(2) Can schools, family networks, social associations and organisations or other social actors at the meso-level support building families’ resilience?

(3) What types of social policies at the regional or national level foster resilience among families with children and youth?

Submissions should include an extended abstract (300-500 words max.), with a clear description of the research objectives, methodology and (preliminary) findings.

The conference is organised by the EAPS Working Group on Child and Adolescent Development (Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Pablo Gracia & Wiebke Schulz). Please send your abstract to:

The abstract submission deadline is March 31, 2023. Acceptance letters will be emailed by mid-April. Further details on the workshop will be given soon after that.

Steering committee


Bocconi University


Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)


Centre for Research on Social Inequalities (CRIS), Sciences Po Paris


Population Europe / Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

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