The Council is responsible for the scientific program of EAPS and administers the affairs of the association. The Council consists of five elected members, including the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary-General/Treasurer. The President, Vice-President and Secretary-General/Treasurer are the officers of EAPS and constitute its bureau which represents the association.

Read the Presidential Letter of Hill Kulu who highlights the aims of the 2022-2024 Council.

Read the Presidential Letter here

Current Council (2022-2024)

Hill Kulu

President, St Andrews

Emilio Zagheni

Vice President, Rostock

Anna Matysiak

Secretary-General and Treasurer, Warsaw

Raya Muttarak

Council Member, Vienna

Giancarlo Camarda

Council Member, Paris

Nico van Nimwegen

Executive Director, The Hague

Judith Koops

Executive Secretary, The Hague

Previous Councils

Honorary Presidents 

To honor their significant contributions to the European Association for Population Studies, the members of EAPS elected the following Honorary Presidents (year of election in brackets):