Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Council on the scientific program of EAPS. The Board is constituted by representatives of the Affiliated Institutions. Reports of Advisory Board meetings can be downloaded below.

The Council shall seek the advice of the Board on the program of activities. Members of the Board may also be approached in their individual capacity for help in organizing meetings, workshops and similar activities; they may also be asked to liaise between EAPS and its affiliated bodies. The Advisory Board shall have the right to give unsolicited advice to the Council on all matters pertaining to the activities of EAPS.


Nominating Committee

Every two years a new EAPS Council is elected. The task of the Nominating Committee is to propose a slate of candidates for these elections. The Nominating Committee consists of five members who are elected by the General Assembly to hold office until the next General Assembly (see Article 3 of the By-Laws).

The 2022-2024 Nominating Committee was elected by the 2022 (virtual) General Assembly of 7 December 2022, to prepare the 2024 elections, and is composed as follows:


Two members are appointed by the General Assembly as Auditors to examine the books, vouchers and accounts of the association between two General Assemblies.

According to the By-Laws, the Auditors shall satisfy themselves that the financial documents have been properly kept. The Auditors report to the Secretary-General and Treasurer and this report is submitted to the General Assembly (Article 4.5 of the By-Laws).

The current (2022-2024) Auditors were appointed by the 2022 (virtual) General Assembly of 7 December 2022: