PhD network

What initiatives exist for PhD students in the field of population studies?

How can I meet other young researchers in my field?

There are many PhD students in the broad field of population studies throughout Europe and several initiatives have been developed to bring them together, such as PopFest and Young Demographers. Yet thus far an overarching network is lacking. The overall aim of this PhD network is therefore to bring PhD students across Europe together.

We try to do so by:


The EAPS PhD Network is looking for new Steering Committee members. Eligible candidates are at the end of their first to at most the beginning of their last year of their PhD in the field of population studies (or similar). The task will be to organise events for and with European PhD students in collaboration with EAPS, especially during EPC 2024. Send you application to by 31 August 2022.


There are no events scheduled at the moment.

Previous events

During the EPC 2022 in Groningen, The Netherlands, the PhD Network organized two events for PhD students: an online meet and greet with senior academics on GatherTown, and an in-person workshop about networking. Both events were designed, first, to connect ECRS with their peers and senior scientists, and second, to prepare them for on-site networking during EPC 2022 in Groningen. The PhD Network plans to organize a similar event during the EPC 2024 in Scotland.

On 20 and 21 May 2021 the EAPS PhD Network organized its first online event by and for PhD students (+1 year) in the field of population studies. This was not a regular conference, but a series of panel discussions and masterclasses tailored to your needs of young researchers. The conference provided young researchers a chance to meet the research community, cover questions like ‘how to get published?’ or ‘how to deal with frustration and conflict in academia?’, and there was a series of unique masterclasses with senior scholars in the field! Curious? Here you can find the program of May 2021.

Want to join or do you have suggestions?

Do you have an idea for an (online) activity? Or perhaps you would like to moderate a forum? You can contact one of the members of the steering committee and ask about the possibilities:

Steering committee

Elizabeth Wilkins

PhD Student at INED, France

Lara Bister

PhD Student at University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Gusta Wachter

PhD Student at NIDI, the Netherlands

Serena Vigezzi

PhD Student at University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Anna Altová

PhD Student at Charles University, Czech Republic

Michaela Šedovič

PhD Candidate at the Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics, UK