Health, morbidity and mortality

How are social inequalities related to healthy lifespans?

What are the trends in life expectancy and lifespan variation these days?

This Working Group studies trends and differentials in health, morbidity and mortality across Europe. Firmly based in population studies and demography, the group has a strong interdisciplinary character.

From its inception in 1991, the group has organized many seminars and workshops in close collaboration with scholars and institutions across Europe. All members may join the Working Group and participate in its events.

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"From Covid with Love"

The last two years have seen the biggest epidemic to hit Europe, and the world, since the Flu epidemic of 1918-1920. For demographers, the epidemic has produced many professional challenges: How do we estimate the numbers infected and the number who have died, directly and indirectly, from the disease? How do we build models describing the phases of the epidemic and how do we explain differences between countries, regions, and populations? Have we learnt anything that will help us reduce the severity of the current or future pandemics? And what lessons are to be learnt for non-pandemic, non-Covid morbidity and mortality?

We invite you to discuss these and other questions at the annual EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality workshop, to be held 29–30 September 2022, at the Charles University, Prague and on-line (in collaboration with the Prague University of Economics and Business).

We are collaborating with Springer Nature and hope to produce an edited volume of papers shortly after the workshop. Please use the online form for the application by 31 st May, 2022 and indicate whether you wish your paper to be considered for the edited volume. For the workshop, please send us a short abstract (up to 2,000 characters) with information about the authors.

All the information can be found here, you can join us in the Facebook group or a new WhatsApp group for Health, Morbidity and Mortality WG:

The registration is open until the 31 May, 2022

In case of any questions and problems, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

We look forward to meeting you in Prague!

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