Jan M. Hoem Award for Social Policy and Family Demography

This Award honors outstanding achievements by an individual scholar on the intersection of social policy and family demography. The Award is dedicated to the groundbreaking contributions of Jan M. Hoem (1939-2017) to research on social policy in relation to family-demography events and life-course outcomes, as well as his support to the advancement of family demography research at the Nordic and European levels. It also celebrates his role as educator and mentor of new generations of European family demographers.

The Award is sponsored by the Nordic Demographic Society, of which Jan M. Hoem was a co-founder in 1968.

Nominations for this Award can be made until two months before the start of a European Population Conference. The current call for nominations closes 15 April 2024.

Rules of play



Eva Beaujouan, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, OEAW, University of Vienna), Austria


Trude Lappegård, University of Oslo/Statistics Norway


Sunnee Billingsley, University of Stockholm, Sweden