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To help you plan your stay in Groningen, Preferred Hotel Reservations has negotiated special rates and conditions at a number of hotels and a hostel for participants of EPC. We recommend you not to wait too long to book accommodation, because the city is busy with several large events taking place around the same time.

The following link will take you to the booking website. Here, you can click on your preferred accommodation from the list to make your reservation. You do not have to login, you will receive login details after you made your reservation. You will need these login details in case you need to change or cancel your booking.

There is limited availability of booking your accommodation through this platform. Additional options may be added later in case of availability. Of course you are also free to book something outside of this module. 

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Travel to Groningen

The city of Groningen is located 180 km northeast of Amsterdam. The city is a major hub in the North and is very well connected.

Travel by plane

If you fly to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, you can best take the train from there to Groningen. The train station at Schiphol is conveniently located right next to the airport. During the day, a train departs every 30 minutes from platform 1-2 at Schiphol. Some trains have a direct connection to Groningen, other trains require a change in Zwolle (on the same platform). The journey takes about two hours. Check details at the Dutch railway website.

An alternative is to fly to Groningen Airport Eelde, which is situated about 15 km from the city of Groningen. Every day flights arrive and depart from different countries throughout the world. Cities such as London and Barcelona are some examples. The airport is easily accessible by public transport. We recommend taking bus 9 from and to the station in the city.

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Event: European Population Conference 2022

ID Code: 37973AF

Travel Valid Period: 22/06/2022 to 09/07/2022

Event Location: Amsterdam

Travel by train

To plan your train journey in the Netherlands and buy tickets, visit the official website of the Dutch Train Service (NS). You can also use this journey planner, which uses the extensive Dutch public transportation system to plan your journey.

If you're planning to travel by train from another European country, visit the international website of the train service here.

From the train station it’s about a 15-minute walk to the conference venues.

Bike rent in Groningen

The easiest way to get around the city of Groningen is by bike.

If you wish to rent a bike, you can do so at Fietsverhuur Groningen and you will receive a 10% discount upon using the coupon code “EPC2022GRO”.

Tourist information Groningen

For information about Groningen visit the tourist information website